Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mad Max to film in Africa; Broken Hill misses out on movie dollars, by Greg Tingle


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Mad Max vehicles have been hidden at Port Kembla and they will soon be sent up to to Africa - the site of the next instalment of the famous movie franchise.

As you would imagine security is extremely high around the vehicles trucked in from Broken Hill for the fourth instalment of the series, but some crafty news media got a few shots at them.

Also in the batch are numerous of Max's own pursuit vehicles, made to resemble the "Interceptor", a souped-up Ford XB GT Falcon coupe driven in the original movie. The amount of these vehicles makes one think Max's car may again end up in a heap, as it did in Mad Max 2: Road Warrior.

The cars are heading up to South Africa, final confirmation that the film has been lost to Australia.

Director George Miller had planned to shoot the new film, Fury Road, near Broken Hill, but there was too much rain last year and the usually dry desert location was covered in flowers and green, and not even cleaver Hollywood - AussieWood computer CGI tricks were going to fool anyone into thinking the location was wasteland worthy of a Max Max return.

Miller revealed that Fury Road will be the first part of a new Mad Max trilogy, with scripts being written for fifth and sixth movies. Scrapping filming will hurt Broken Hill, said the city's mayor, Wincen Cuy. "It's going to affect the community as a whole," he said. "What we've lost is to associate our name to it and any marketing." However, he saw the irony in the fact that the rain the town had prayed for is what did them in. "One man's medicine is another man's poison," Cuy said. "But Broken Hill's had a film industry for 30 years and it will continue."

The film will star Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Hugh Keays-Byrne.


The Mad Max franchise refers to a series of futuristic films, taking place in the "Mad Max Universe", that tell a story of breakdown of society, murder, and vengeance. The first Mad Max was an Australian action film directed by George Miller and written by Miller and Byron Kennedy, released in 1979. It produced two sequels, Mad Max 2, also known as The Road Warrior, in 1981 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985. The series has had a lasting influence on apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction ever since. An animated feature film sequel and video game tie-in are both currently in pre-production, with a predicted release date of 2011 or 2012. In May 2009, it was reported that location scouting was underway for a new live action filming of Mad Max 4: Fury Road.


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